Glory Road

On the path to glory sometimes the road is paved with murder, greed, betrayal, and constant scheming against one another. 

About Glory Road


Glory Road

Glory Road was was created by John A. Labban and currently published with AuthorHouse in Indiana. Glory Road is the story of Phillip Dexter, whose father was killed in a not-so-tragic accident in the oil fields one hot summer night in west Texas. Upon learning the true details of the events that lead to the death of his father, he concocts a brilliant scheme to get revenge on the CEO of Tricon Enterprise. Frank Beasley is murdered in cold blood, but the young boy soon finds out that the road to revenge is paved with murder, betrayal, deceipt, and scheming. In the end, will his own lust for revenge eventually cost him everything?


Why you'll love Glory Road

In a trail of murder, deceipt, lust, desire, revenge, betrayal, and scheming; only the strongest will survive. Phillip Dexter comes to learn that even though you take revenge for the death of your father, you quickly become the hunted instead of the hunter once you take action. You'll love the chase between the characters as greed, lust, and desire soon take over in their quest to seize power of the giant oil enterprise, Tricon Enterprise. Once the hunted becomes the hunter, everything changes!


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Glory Road begins at just $3.99 for e-books on E-Readers (Kindle and Nook). Full version in print begins at $22.99 and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Author House (Author House gives you a $5 direct discoun ) website. 

Glory Road is perfect for those long road trips, airline flights, or downtime. Downloading to your e-reader tablet takes seconds and you'll have entertainment to keep you busy while you're on the road or in the air. 

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